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The links I check regularly

Blues News
Up to date Quake news.
Jerry Pournelle
Well, Byte has folded.  But Jerry is posting a day-by-day version of Chaos Manor.
Astronomy Picture of the Day
They do an amazing job of picking interesting pictures and writing accessible descriptions.
I'm sure most people already have this one.
User Friendly
A comic strip for computer geeks.  I like their startup and shutdown screens.
Calvin and Hobbes
Yeah, they're all stinkin' repeats.  But the imaginative twists are so consistently clever that I like how it exercises my brain.
This is actually the first thing I check every day.
Dave Barry
Updated every Friday, plus an occasional extra edition.
James Randi
Another with weekly updates.
Do people keep sending you those "Bet you didn't know this!" emails and you're wondering how factual they are?  Then, Snopes is your friend.  After seeing the same breathless warnings for the Nth time, I started replying with a link to the appropriate Snopes page.  Doing so has gotten me removed from most of the email forwarder's automatic list.
The Straight Dope
The discussion boards are populated by a very diverse and mostly-intelligent group.

Other links

The Official Darwin Awards Page
People who improve the gene pool by dying from their stupid acts.  Also a good place to start learning how to spot urban legends.
Apollo Lunar Surface Journal
If you're a space buff you want to check this page out.  Transcripts of the radio traffic during the moonwalks, including commentary.  Fascinating.
The Secular Web
A starting point for sites devoted to rational thought.
Of course I'm doing this.  I decided to set up my computers separate accounts, so I have several.   Altogether, my machines have finished over 2100 units and have contributed over nine years of CPU time.
SetiAtHome500Cert.jpg (33300 bytes)  MightyGiggerSeti.jpg (42675 bytes)  MightyIGSeti.jpg (34444 bytes)  MightyInertia2Seti.jpg (42719 bytes)  MightyP1Seti.jpg (42519 bytes)
Update 11/MAR/02:  I just found SetiHide and Seti2Html which produces a running account of where my machines are at.  The DOS version of the SETI@Home program is reported to be at least 15% faster, too.
Update 05/JAN/04: I'm doing my own replacement for Seti2Html.
A guy who mentioned me in his blog.  I answered some questions about how I was using Seti2Html.
Charles Savino & Co. Inc.
Does Lotus Notes development.  Asked me to add him to my links page.  He emailed me out of the blue when a search hit on Lotus Notes in my resume.

Editing history:

25/SEP/06 - Removed Scattergirl.  Fixed some broken links.

05/JAN/04 - Added Charles Savino and Turndog.com.  Added mention of MightySETIInfo.  Removed NotMyDesk and Brunching Shuttlecocks.  Both are now dormant.

23/MAR/02 - Fixed a coupla links for SETI@Home.

12/MAR/02 - Added Scattergirl, Straight Dope, Snopes, Not My Desk, Brunching Shuttlecocks, Calvin and Hobbes.  Thumbnailed SETI@Home certificate.  Added SetiHide, etc.

01/APR/02 - Fixed a broken link in Brunching.

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