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I currently have 367 gig of hard disk space and 2.3 gig of RAM in my house.

MightyAMDBoxes.JPG (390555 bytes)
The boxes
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Half done
MightyAMDInterior.JPG (407654 bytes)

Jan 2005

Generic AMD 64 3500+
1 gig
160 gig HD
DVD burner
nVidia GeForce 6800 GT 256 meg
Windows XP Pro
Sharing 21" Hitachi monitor

Latest game machine.  Splurged on it to play Doom3 and Half-Life 2.  Also got a Z-board keyboard and a Nostromo N52 game keypad.

3DMarks 2001: 20178
3DMarks 2003: 11068
3DMarks 2005: 4505

Christed Mar 2004

Dell P4/2.8 GHz
512 meg
80 gig HD
Windows XP Pro
18" flat-screen LCD panel monitor

This is my work machine.  Actually, JCI's work machine that I'm using for web development.

Normally, I wouldn't have gotten an LCD monitor, but the way Dell priced it, it was only about $100 more than a 21" monitor, which would have had a similar viewing size.   If we could have gotten the machine without a monitor I think I could have saved $300-400.  But my dad really likes his LCD panel so he was willing for the company to spend the money for me.  I think his problem with the monitor prior to his flat panel was that his office is lit by fluorescent lights.

The Windows task monitor says that this machine has two CPUs.  But that's not what we ordered.  And opening it up, it sure looks to me like there's only one.  So I suspect Intel's "hyperthreading technology" might be very similar to two CPUs in one package.  That sounds like something Intel's marketing staff would come up with.

MightyGigger Jan 2001

Dell P3/1 GHz
256 meg
60 gig HD
CD-ROM burner
GeForce2 Ultra 64 meg
Compaq IJ900 inkjet printer
Windows ME
21" Hitachi monitor

Not much else special about this system, right now.  It's basically my development machine and game machine.  I'm trying to keep it as free of extraneous software as possible, to keep it stable.  Yes, I know everyone complains about Win ME.  But it hasn't appeared to be a problem, so far.

MightyMouse 1998

Generic P2/400
128 meg
16 gig + 28 gig HDs
Matrox G400 TV + Voodoo2
Win 98SE
19" Viewsonic monitor

This is my workhorse machine, running email check program, Trillian, UPS software, Palm, etc.

MightyP166 1995

Generic P166
64 meg
2 gig + 2 gig HDs (additional 8 gig died recently)
100 meg ZIP drive (I think it has succumbed to the Click of Death)
Smartmedia/CompactFlash reader
Agfa Snapscan 1200 scanner
Epson C40UX inkjet pringer
Win 98SE
Sharing 21" Hitachi with MightyGigger (its 17" Panasonic died)

Running Homeseer X-10 and webcam software.  07/MAR/04 - This machine isn't on much, anymore.  Another of the hard disks has become flakey.  Also, it's just very, very noisy.  So now I only fire it up to run the scanner.

MightyBed 2000

NEC Versa SX laptop P2/233
64 meg
10 gig HD (original 4 gig HD died)
Win 98SE
13.4" LCD monitor

This is my bedroom laptop.  Connected to the network via wireless network.

MightyCouch 2000

NEC Versa SX laptop P2/300
64 meg
4 gig HD
Win ME
14.1" LCD monitor

This is my living room laptop.  Connected to the network via wireless network.

ex-Firewall Generic P133 (Bruce bought surplus from TI)
64 meg
4 gig HD

Not currently running.  Replaced the firewall with a Belkin 802.11g firewall/wireless.  Tried to install Fedora Core 3, but it's not enough machine for that.

486 1993

Generic 486/33
32 meg
1 gig + 500 meg HDs
RH Linux 6.0

Not currently running.  Need to set it up to run SETI@Home and drive X-10 software to turn a single lamp on and off.  Just to be silly.

386SX Mostly-dead machine.  Just sits onna shelf.  Someday I may try to resurrect it and find something for it to do.
XT 1988

NEC V20/6 MHz
640k + 2 meg
30 meg
MS-DOS 6.2
CGA monitor

Mostly dead.  Sits onna shelf.  Last time I fired it up it ran for a few minutes.  I used to run DesqView on this machine.  It worked really well for some stuff.

Editing history:

30/MAY/05 - Added pics and 3DMarks scores of MightyAMD.  Updated P133, no longer a firewall.

05/MAR/05 - Added MightyAMD.  367 gig, 2.3 gig

28/AUG/04 - Added HD and RAM totals.  207 gig, 1.3 gig

07/MAR/04 - Added christed

12/MAR/02 - Changed layout to use a table

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Last modified: August 23, 2005
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