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Fireworks 2005

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At Rosy's, 2005

Generally, I wasn't as happy with most of these compared to those in previous years.   There are some good ones, though.

I did remember to bring my tripod this year.  Rosy has a new tree next to his porch so I climbed onto the roof.  I should have taken a pic from up there just for grins.  I also should have taken some people pics.  I'll try to do that next year.

Here are Scott Warren's fireworks pics.

The thumbnails link to a medium-sized version of the image.  There are only a few that have large versions, because most have been cropped to sizes small enough to fit on most screens.

BlueWithTendrils.JPG (72413 bytes) Blue with tendrils
red.jpg (131858 bytes) Your standard red
Green_Medium.jpg (31292 bytes) Your standard green.  Large copy
WhiteWithBlueTips_Medium.jpg (42810 bytes) Streaking up to a white with blue tips Large copy
OrangeTubules.JPG (53318 bytes) Kinda random direction orange tubules
white.jpg (57860 bytes) Your basic white
BlueDandelion.JPG (37470 bytes) A blue dandelion
RedTubulesWithCurvedSmoke_Medium.jpg (48794 bytes) Red tubules with curved smoke Large copy
AlienCreature.JPG (42485 bytes) The thing at the bottom-right looks like something alien
CouplaWhite.JPG (76883 bytes) Coupla white explosions
PrettyBlueTips_Medium.jpg (54497 bytes) Pretty blue tips Large copy
EndOneBeginningAnother_Medium.jpg (48780 bytes) The end of one and the beginning of another Large copy
MoreBlueTips.JPG (106640 bytes) More blue tips
Overlapping_Medium.jpg (72725 bytes) Overlapping.  Large copy
Dragon_Medium.jpg (68820 bytes) A rorschach test.  I see the head and horns of a chinese dragon in there.  Large copy
AnotherRed_Medium.jpg (59992 bytes) Just another red one.  Large copy
PrettyBlue_Medium.jpg (53324 bytes) A pretty blue one.  Large copy
SaturatedWhite_Medium.jpg (80226 bytes) Saturated white.  Large copy
Splitters_Medium.jpg (58936 bytes) Splitters.  Large copy
SimpleWhite.JPG (60366 bytes) Simple white
SimpleRed.JPG (69846 bytes) Simple red
BigOrangeOverExposed_Medium.jpg (85919 bytes) Big orange, a little overexposed.  Large copy
GreenSmoke_Medium.jpg (49983 bytes) Green with smoke.  Large copy
MulticolordTubules.JPG (97156 bytes)
Flat_Medium.jpg (42211 bytes) Flat one.  Large copy
DelicateBlue.JPG (95249 bytes) Delicate blue
RedAndBlue_Medium.jpg (60560 bytes) Red with some blue leftover from the previous one.  Large copy
OverexposedGreen_Medium.jpg (48535 bytes) I think this one is actually greenish, but overexposed.  Large copy
InterestingSmoke.JPG (137783 bytes) Interesting smoke patterns.  Large copy
Remnants_Medium.jpg (51359 bytes) Remnants.  Large copy
ThreeLevel_Medium.jpg (65921 bytes) Three-level red, white and blue.  Large copy
shower.jpg (96347 bytes) Shower
Overlapped_Medium.jpg (65302 bytes) Overlapping Large copy
MoreOverlapping.JPG (84450 bytes) More overlapping
AnotherGreen.JPG (39235 bytes) Just another green one
purple.jpg (100077 bytes) An interesting purple/lavendar color
AnotherNotherRed.JPG (51459 bytes) A glowing red one
BiggerRed.JPG (79400 bytes) A bit bigger red one
GreenAndWhite.JPG (62347 bytes) Green with a white one following close behind
InterestingTexture.JPG (62269 bytes) The white bit has an interesting texture to it
centered.jpg (113707 bytes) One centered in another
WhatAndRemnants.JPG (139573 bytes) Another new one in the remnants of the last
Squiggly_Medium.jpg (69450 bytes) Squiggly.  Large copy
LooksLikeTwo.JPG (139605 bytes) Looks like another two superimposed
GreenTubules.JPG (109081 bytes) Green tubules
OrangeSparks.JPG (113811 bytes) Orange sparks
DroopyRed_Medium.jpg (44776 bytes) Droopy red.  Large copy
TwoGreens.JPG (125854 bytes) Two greens
AnotherOverexposedGreen.JPG (117223 bytes) Another overexosed green
ghostdog.jpg (28001 bytes) This one reminds me of the ghost dog in Nightmare Before Christmas
Multicolored.JPG (60613 bytes) Multicolored
WhiteWithStreaks_Medium.jpg (62684 bytes) White burst with some streaks around it.  Large copy
WhiteWithDots.JPG (51758 bytes) White burst in a sea of dots
BrightWhite.JPG (160102 bytes) Bright white
RedAndYellow.JPG (124683 bytes) Red with yellow mixed in
TeenyGreen.JPG (83540 bytes) Teeny green
dimblue.jpg (37326 bytes) Dim blue
bluebits.jpg (37125 bytes) Blue bits showering down
KindaDelicateWhite.JPG (44725 bytes) Kinda three-dimensional white
redbits.jpg (77668 bytes) Red bits
RedGreenDonut_Medium.jpg (81193 bytes) This year's most striking.  A red and green donut.  Large copy
RedAngles_Medium.jpg (80595 bytes) Angled red.  Large copy
RedSperm_Medium.jpg (53862 bytes) Some red wiggly things.  Large copy
TeenyComet_Medium.jpg (36096 bytes) A teeny comet in the corner.  Large copy
TwistedComet.JPG (69177 bytes) A twisted comet/falling star
RedSomething.JPG (54445 bytes) Red... somethings
WhiteLines.JPG (94978 bytes) White lines
RedFireTexture.JPG (49324 bytes) Looks almost like a fire texture
RedAndBlueMotion.JPG (59790 bytes) Red and blue motion
Squiggles.JPG (121540 bytes) Squiggles
redmass.jpg (65693 bytes) A red mass.  Maybe a Man-O'-War
rotated.jpg (81506 bytes) Rotated
WhiteTexture_Medium.jpg (70962 bytes) An interesting white texture.  Large copy
FaintRedSwoop_Medium.jpg (85887 bytes) Faint red swoop.  Large copy
PointyComet.JPG (91133 bytes) Pointy comet
GreenGrass.JPG (89924 bytes) This year's green grass
ZoomWhiteBlue_Medium.jpg (83868 bytes) Looks like I was able to zoom in during this exposure.  Large copy
OrangeTubules2_Medium.jpg (59089 bytes) Orange tubules II.  Large copy
GreenAndPinkTubules_Medium.jpg (66295 bytes) Green with pink tubules.  Large copy
RedAndBlueAndSmoke_Medium.jpg (76665 bytes) Red and blue with lotsa smoke.  Large copy
WhiteAndShower.JPG (94772 bytes) White with a shower ahead of it
Pink_Medium.jpg (68150 bytes) Pretty pink one.  Large copy
FountainBurst_Medium.jpg (63691 bytes) Fountain burst.  Large copy
SmokeyWhite_Medium.jpg (73146 bytes) Smokey white.  Large copy
BigRed_Medium.jpg (92931 bytes) Big red.  Large copy
WhiteShower_Medium.jpg (77196 bytes) White shower.  Large copy
LittleGreen_Medium.jpg (69161 bytes) Little green with others bursting and coming up.  Large copy
StandardRed.JPG (103833 bytes) A standard red
BrightWite.JPG (138572 bytes) Bright white with interesting smoke
bigred2.jpg (174661 bytes) Big Red II
TwoBrightReds_Medium.jpg (118419 bytes) Two bright red bursts.  Large copy
WhiteSpikes.JPG (47539 bytes) Very spikey white
OverexposedRedUnderCurtain.JPG (128517 bytes) Overexposed red under a white curtain
ThreeOverlapping_Medium.jpg (67788 bytes) Three overlapping bursts.  Large copy
WhiteUnderShower.JPG (80154 bytes) White under a shower
lowgreen.jpg (47236 bytes) A low green burst
RedGround.JPG (59235 bytes) Red along the ground
RedBlueGround.JPG (26071 bytes) Red and blue on the ground
GroundTrailingSmoke.JPG (45121 bytes) Ground trailing smoke
BrightGroundSmoke.JPG (57213 bytes) Bright with smoke trailing off
GroundSpray.JPG (83624 bytes) Ground spray
GroundSparkles.JPG (149778 bytes) Very sparkly
GroundSparkles2.JPG (113187 bytes) More of the sparkles
RedGroundFireworks_Medium.jpg (47015 bytes) Red on the ground and a burst over top.  Large copy
RedGroundFireworks2_Medium.jpg (74232 bytes) Another red along the ground and a burst overhead.  Large copy
MoreRedGround.JPG (62039 bytes) More red on the ground and a little blue above
TwoLongExposure.JPG (116836 bytes) Two during a long exposure
RedLongExposure.JPG (78665 bytes) Dim red
WhiteBlueHalo.JPG (39620 bytes) White with a blue halo
WhitePurple.JPG (172565 bytes) White with a purple center
RedInLeftover_Medium.jpg (60093 bytes) Red in amongst some leftovers.  Large copy
FourOverlapping.JPG (106291 bytes) Four overlapping bursts
BrightOverlapping.JPG (118326 bytes) Bright overlapping bursts
BigFinale.JPG (121223 bytes) Big finale
Finale2_Medium.jpg (70975 bytes) Finale.  Large copy

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