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Pics of me are kinda scattered around this site.  Here's a consolidated list

drakepenaltycrop2.jpg (25522 bytes) This seems to be the most popular
WebcamFaceon1.jpg (22530 bytes) I got talked into using a webcam
SelfShotGamma.jpg (21994 bytes) Self-portrait taken in my dad's biplane
MightySuckerDart400.jpg (18324 bytes) This one's really sexy :-)
BirthdayDrakeBetty.jpg (40201 bytes) DrakeStool.jpg (34302 bytes) Birthday 2004
DrakeTammyMerryChristmas.jpg (46797 bytes) DrakeXmas2003.jpg (14016 bytes) DrakeGretahatEnough.jpg (55901 bytes) Pagan Winter Solstice Festival 2003
Mighty-sm11-1.jpg (9589 bytes) Mighty-sm11-2.jpg (9168 bytes) Mighty-sm11-3.jpg (11173 bytes) Taken at a Scattermeet
MightyHairFront.jpg (77906 bytes) MightyHairSide.jpg (75621 bytes) MightyHairBack.jpg (84357 bytes) Scats kept bugging me to put my hair in a ponytail
MightyPonytailFront.jpg (81021 bytes) MightyPonytailSide.jpg (84501 bytes) MightyPonytailBack.jpg (81931 bytes)
MightyBeforePonytail.jpg (79642 bytes) MightyBeforePonytail2.jpg (71108 bytes) MightyBefore.jpg (72218 bytes) More hair pics.  I went about 18 months between haircuts.  From April 2002 to October 2003.  I just couldn't get used to the feel of a ponytail, and the hair was getting in the way, so I finally got it cut.
MightyAfter.jpg (79691 bytes)
MightyAndDunnoYet.jpg (100348 bytes) DunnoYet was a big cat.  See my Cat Scans
MightyChristy.jpg (68650 bytes) Me and Christy, and the silly hat.  Skiing pics
Mighty1.jpg (11201 bytes) Mighty2.jpg (24905 bytes) These two are from Jan '00
MightyTakenByBrandi.jpg (44281 bytes) MightyTakenByWench.jpg (30672 bytes) A coupla pics taken by my subjects when I was doing portraits for them.  The left was taken by Brandi and the right by Wench.  They're about three years apart, methinks.
MightyZalin1024.jpg (100529 bytes) MightyDinoFlag.jpg (64660 bytes) These were taken when I was about 16-17.  The bay (left pic) was Zalin (pronounced Zah-leen.)  The gray (white) was Denarius, known as Dino.
DrakeEric67.JPG (349721 bytes) Very old one of me and my brother

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