Mighty - INDY Clan (I'm Not Dead Yet)

Wench_No_1.jpg (43111 bytes) Another_Wench_No_1.jpg (47062 bytes) Wench_scores_27.jpg (46060 bytes)
Wench is winning!  Okay, so the level has just started :-)  My roomie Wench is a Quake newbie. Winning again!  She's only been playing a coupla months.  And she didn't start out learning the basics in single player mode. She hadn't even played Wolf or Doom prior to that.  So this shot of a 27 score on a crowded server is a legitimate score.  She's learning not to be brave all the time :-)

Fun Quake Art

quake camper01.jpg (21923 bytes) quake gone_camping.jpg (70821 bytes) Quake cereals02.jpg (33585 bytes)
Campers are lame.  This is a cute visualization of the common anti-camp bitch, "Pitch a tent, camper." More of the same.  These images came from Braindead's Quake Art Page.   Check it out. Stays crunchy in milk!

Classic Bloodbath

DrakeKill.jpg (45117 bytes) pineapple.jpg (41700 bytes)
Mo took this one during a FFA on the public server.  We like it just because of the copious blood spraying.  I'm wearing the blue Indy skin A great action shot by Mo.  Mad Hatter had just gotten axe-murdered by Eksel.  Just as Mo took the pic, Steak lobbed a grenade and took out both Mo and Eksel.  I think this shot is as good as any action shot in a sports magazine.

Human Pyramid

Pyramid(4Guys).jpg (43034 bytes) QuakePyramid.jpg (58484 bytes)
Another photo credit for Mo.  This one was taken after a clan match.   The private server is now set up so people can't kill each other, nor pick up weapons between matches.  So this is how we entertained ourselves before switching to FFA.  I'm the guy on top. Here's the stack a minute earlier from my viewpoint on the floor

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