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Not much to say, yet.  I've got the bug, but no time.  I'm currently working on Ripmax R/C Simulator.  I've gotten to fly twice.

The first time, it was very windy.  But, due to the eight months I'd been working on the simulator, flying the plane was no trouble.  We flew the club trainer.  Our instructor told us that if it hadn't been so windy he probably would have had us shooting landings by the third flight.

The second time it was much calmer.  Inertia had since bought a trainer for the company.  A Hobbico Avistar.  On my third flight I asked to practice some approaches.  When the instructor asked me to cut the throttle the engine quit.  Not a big deal.  But when I tried to flare for the landing the plane barely reacted.  The plane bounced hard, and then did the same thing.  Luckily, the only "damage" was it popped the wheel off.  Alan, the instructor, thought that the bounces shouldn't have been hard enough to knock the wheel off.  Maybe the collar was loose.

Here's a picture of the "damage."

PlaneMinusWheelSmall.jpg (141015 bytes)

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