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I was put under sedation for the first time in my life the other day.  That was an interesting experience.  I had read and heard about it a little.  So I had a clue what to expect.

The preparation the day before was the most unpleasant part.  I had both a colonoscopy and an endoscopy.  So, no food the day before.  But I had to drink this nasty liquid the evening before.  (The nurse recommended adding lemonade mix to it, to cover the taste.  That helped a lot.)

The day of the procedure wasn't bad.  A prick when they deadened my vein to put in the IV.  Then they wheeled me in to the room.  I got into a conversation with the nurses.  They were talking about men who were useless with computers.  And I mentioned that I was a web developer, so computers were my job.  I also remember telling them that I wanted to get back into game development.

And that's it.

There was no fading out.  No sense of drowsiness.  Just... gone.

I'm told of some things that happened that I have no recollection of, even though I'm told I appeared to be awake at the time.

Apparently, the doctor came and talked to me.  I don't remember that ever happening.  (Hardly seems to be any point in him having that conversation with his patients, since they won't remember it.)  I don't remember putting on my clothes.  And while I think I remember standing up from the bed and people being concerned about my balance, I don't remember the wheelchair.  Well, maybe I remember the footrests being put down for me.  But I don't remember being wheeled out to the car.  I think I remember during the car ride my mom suggesting that she take me to her place instead of home.  But I don't remember arriving (the office is only a mile and a half from her house.)

I finally cleared up a bit later.  It's hard to pinpoint when, of course.

A few people mentioned how fun the drugs were for them.  But I didn't feel anything much different.  No euphoria.  No unusual calmness.  I'm pretty happy and low-key most of the time, anyway.

I wonder if that's what blackout drinking is like?  (I've never been drunk.)  I'd guess it's not really very close.  Since I felt completely normal until the sedative kicked in.

Still, it was weird being told about things that happened just a couple of hours earlier that I have no sense of.

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