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What are the Odds?

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Currently, 80% of women end up having kids.  20% left, or 1:5.

Of those who don't have children, 70% regret not having kids.  6%. 1:16.

At least half (being generous) would count be out because of religion.  3% 1:30.

How many would find me attractive?  Because of age, looks, lack of fashion sense :-) etc, maybe one in ten?  0.3% 1:300.

One in 300.  And that's before my preferences count at all.  From there:

I need someone intelligent, so let's say top quarter.  0.1% 1:1,000

How many would be geeky enough for me and have enough similar interests?  I like to think I'm pretty flexible, so let's say half.  0.05% 1:2,000

How many will I be attracted to?  Hard to characterize.  A lot of the hot women will have probably already counted themselves out.  But I don't seem to be tied to a real specific type that I find attractive.  Let's say one in five.  0.01% 1:10,000

There are four million people in the DFW area.  Two million are women.  2,000,000 / 10,000 = 200.  At most.  There were some generous estimates in there, so the real number is probably far less than 100.  And most of them are probably already married.

The odds aren't looking good for me.

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