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Here are FS:SDOE History in Picutres that (mostly) Michael put together during the project.

For now, this is just a chronological list of screeenshots with captions

ArchyVsMadDog.jpg (63443 bytes)

MadDogStillFlying.jpg (63210 bytes)

In our first mission I was careless and banged the prop of my P-51 on the ground.  So I couldn't help my big buddy as the Luftwaffe started tearing into him.

Here, Archy nails the second engine on Mad Dog.

But Mad Dog refused to go down.

BlitzAndZoolVsArchy.jpg (49148 bytes)

ZoolVsArchy.jpg (63873 bytes)

Archy broke off of Mad Dog, thinking that he couldn't make it with only two engines on one side.  Zool and Blitz got on his tail and filled the sky around him with bullets.
ZoolVsArchyOvershoot.jpg (44169 bytes) Here's an overshoot.
MadDogsDC-3.jpg (46497 bytes) Here's another mission where Mad Dog ended up with only two engines.
p-38bomb.jpg (41675 bytes) WidowMaker couldn't get his bombs to release.  When they finally did, he was too low and it ripped his aircraft apart.  There are some pieces of his aircraft burning on the ground.
Rattlesnake1.jpg (28330 bytes)

Rattlesnake2.jpg (28194 bytes)

Rattlesnake3.jpg (29476 bytes)

Rattlesnake4.jpg (27474 bytes)

A series of pictures showing Rattlesnake pausing and disappearing.   The smoke and flames make interesting patterns.

In the last couple, Archy is trying to knock him out without ramming him.

The merge happened quicker than I expected, and I got caught behind the bomber I was supposed to protect.  I mixed it up with my enemies and just tried to shoot in their ears and mess up their aim.  You can see from the burning engine, I wasn't too successful.

bomber1.jpg (40733 bytes)

bomber2.jpg (41733 bytes)

I think this is the same mission as above.  Bomber made it to his target and took it out (burning in the background of the first two shots.)  But he suffered severe damage.
bomber3.jpg (40831 bytes) In this shot, the angle of the flames coming off of the engines shows that Bomber is losing altitude.
bomber4.jpg (31226 bytes) And this one shows the smoke trail of a successful landing.
bomber5.jpg (29773 bytes) And Bomber rolling down the hill at a German farm.  I tried to talk him into shooting at the farm animals.
werner1.jpg (21870 bytes)

werner2.jpg (22151 bytes)

werner3.jpg (23578 bytes)

Werner wanted to get credit for the kill.
blitz1.jpg (32039 bytes) I didn't do so well in this mission.  I managed to get my Dora off the ground, only to get suckered into an enemy flak zone.  Tumbled me one time, I recovered, and then a minute later got blown all over the landscape.

This shot is of Blitz taking out the target I was supposed to help protect.

werner4.jpg (31647 bytes)

werner5.jpg (40153 bytes)

werner6.jpg (32445 bytes)

In this mission, I got impatient on my takeoff and flipped my P-51.   Almost got it off.

Werner and Blitz went ahead and flew the mission.  In the last shot, a PT boat off the right side of the picture had just nailed him and knocked his engine right out.

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