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Softball - Whipping Boys - Fall '00

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Manager: Scott Warren

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Date Time Team Score
Sep 11 7:30 Knuckleheads Loss 21-5
Sep 18 8:30 Soup du Jour Loss 15-11
Sep 25 6:30 GE Steelers Loss 22-14
Oct 2 8:30 Bank of America Win 16-14
Oct 9 9:30 Stray Dogs Win 21-0
Oct 16 9:30 Nortel Bombers Win Forfeit
Oct 23 6:30 Spice of Life Win Forfeit

Sep 11 - 7:30 - Knuckleheads - Loss 21-5

Well, this game sucked, hard.  We sucked worse than we have in a couple of years.   And the other team was a bunch of sandbaggers, again.

We did have a dangerous human-seeking ball in the game.  One of their players got nailed in the back of the head while on his way to third.  Jay took a one-hopper to the head.  And when someone was tossing the ball back into play it hit Scoo.

Our outfielders must have had at least 10 errors, and probably more.  Even when they got in front of the grounders they had trouble picking them up.  And there weren't many chances for them to catch flies.  Most of the flies were deep and in the gaps, so our fielder was trying to catch it on the run.

For example, one of their batters pulled a hamstring at first base.  All of their other batters hit it deep enough that this guy was able to hobble around the bases without us even attempting to throw him out.

Probably at least eight of ten of them could hit it to the fence.

Only a couple of balls thrown to me at first.  One was off to my right and I clumsily managed to lean over and scoop it.

Our hitting was mediocre.  They were playing a rover on us, and he caught a few.   They were so disrespectful that their infielders were setting up inside the baseline.  Yet, they had the gaul to be insulted when I didn't want to shake their hands after the game.  Can't these assholes get it through their heads that they don't belong in this league?

Sep 18 - Soup du Jour - Loss 15-11

We should have won this one.  We were in it all the way.

Sep 25 - GE Steelers - Loss 22-14

I didn't make this one.  Crunch mode at work.  This team had yet to score a run prior to this game.  I hear it was pretty ugly.

Oct 2 - Bank of America - Win 16-14

I don't know how we pulled this one out.  They had some people who could hit.   Lucky for Bruce and I that we held them that last inning.  We had a hockey game that started at 10:00.

Oct 9 - Stray Dogs - Win 21-0

One of our very rare run-rules.  I think this is about the third in the history of the team.  The other team made a big strategic blunder.  They moved their second baseman to the outfield.  Against a hitting team, that might be a good idea.   But we're not a hitting team.  There were several hits to the short stop that would have been easy outs if the second baseman had been there.

Oct 16 - Nortel Bomber - Rain out

Oct 23 - Spice of Life - Rain out

Oct 30 - Nortel Bombers -

??? - Spice of Life - Rain out

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Commentary for previous seasons:
Summer '00 3-4 Scott Warren came so close
Spring '00 5-2 I'm the greatest manager this team has ever seen! *
Winter/Spring '00 1-6 Scoo's "run-producing clusters" were no match for the sandbaggers
Fall '99 3-4 Rosy couldn't match Mo's record
Summer/Fall '99 4-3 Our first winning season!
Spring/Summer '99 3-4 The Golden Boy debacle
Spring '99 2-5 The season of taglines
Fall '98 0-7 Toad probably won't manage again
Summer '98 1-6 Couldn't put the Sharks away

* Okay, maybe not

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