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Bad Boys II

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One of Tammy's favorites.  She popped in the DVD and slept through most of it while I watched it.  I was a little sleepy, so wasn't paying close attention through the entire thing.

This is another group of movies that I really want to like, but somehow it just doesn't quite work for me.  It's not horrible, though.  Basically, the problem is that the situations are just a little too contrived.

For example, this movie opens with Simmons and Smith executing a drug bust by putting on KKK outfits and infiltrating a meeting.  There's a small snafu with their backup and they're left to stand there and spout jokes for a few minutes.  And the bad guys just stand there.  Stunned looks turning to confusion are only good for so long.

The damsel in distress this time is Simmons' character's sister (she was pretty cute.)   Do they reveal it or not.  Are feelings getting hurt.  Felt contrived.

All the other cops think their goof-off show-boaters.  But they all risk their careers and an international incident.  Awfully convenient, and contrived.

The preview shot of the car barely passing over the car their in just didn't work for me.  The physics and lighting were wrong.  And the implication that Will Smith did that on purpose was forced (in other words, contrived.)

That seems to be how I'm summing up the movie, doesn't it?

Most of the jokes were good.  They did have one running gag about rats in the attic that worked well.  I was somewhat entertained.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Pay Per View.  Loud action sillyness. Turn off your brain, and this one hangs together.

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