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Blade II

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I wanted to like this movie.  Wesley Snipes as a bigger than life martial arts fighter is a very good fit.  But it just didn't work.

It's been a month since I saw it, so it's going to be hard to remember all that bothered me.  But there were a lot of verisimilitude gaffes.  Mostly in the fighting.  In one scene Blade would get knocked across a room to bounce off of a cement wall, and he'd bounce right back up.  In another scene a body blow that barely moves him nearly takes him down.

Also, they used the now-common vampirism-is-a-virus plot device.  That pseudoscience is getting more than a little old, IMHO.  Especially the extension they added, creating a vampire-eater which has its own virus.  On top of all that, the new monster metamorphisizes to an entirely new metabolism in a very short time.  I think I would have liked it better if they just left the reason for the changes a mystery.   Instead, the entire virus device is a huge part of this story.

What else?  The elaborate sets for the bad guy's place were pretty, but not very functional.  I much prefer a look like Aliens and the first two Star Wars, where it's clear the areas are workplaces.  The sunlight bombs were overdone.

The unclear and/or changing allegiances were annoying.  Especially the family connection.  I know they were meant to provide drama and tension, but they were just a distraction.

The chick was hot, though :-)

Some of the fight scenes were fun to watch, despite the gaffes I mentioned earlier.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Pay Per View.  Verisimilitude gaffes kept yanking me out of the movie.  By the end I didn't care about the characters and just wanted them to get it over with.

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