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Netflix movie I watched with my mom and grandma.  Surprisingly, my mom has only seen this Johnny Depp movie once.

This is the true story of George Jung.  He came of age in the late '70s and early '80s, just in time to cash in on the start of the cocaine craze.  He's an interesting character.  I suspect many fictional drug importer characters are based on him.

For example, they show the archetypical situation where he talks to a grower down in Mexico.

Grower: How much would you like to buy?

Jung: All of it.

He gets back to LA and gives it to Paul Reubens to sell.  Reubens says it'll take a year to sell it all.  36 hours later it's all gone.

It took a minute for me to be sure that was Pee Wee.  I ended up looking it up on my geek box to be certain.  It was a pretty good-sized part.

A lot of the story was like that. He just kind of brazenly took on a new aspect of the drug trade without a lot of planning, and everything just fell into place. It was basically too easy for a long time. He never learned discipline.

They put in some pretty obvious foreshadowing, about his life at home as a child vs what happened later in his life.

His parents actually could have made for a really interesting story. How much does their son have to do before they stop being supportive of him as their son?  Should they turn him in when he contacts them? A really tough dilemma.

They had a few hot babes.  Tammy doesn't like Penelope Cruz and calls her a little chihuahua, but I think she's pretty hot.  And the first wife was pretty, didn't recognize her.  And some incidental hot babes, but they not many, and not for much screen time.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Rental.  One man's part in the transformation of the drug trade from dealing a little weed to massive importation of cocaine.

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