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Bruce Almighty

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Obviously, this movie kinda tickled us, because I'm Mighty and I had a roomie named Bruce.

I'm a big Jim Carrey fan.  The first Ace Ventura is one of my favorite movies.   The Mask kinda grew on me.  Most of his roles don't appeal to me from the previews, but are better than I feared.  This movie is about even with what I expected.

God is tired of answering everyone's prayers, so he convinces Carrey's character to take over for six months.  Carrey is a self-absorbed weatherman at a local TV station, trying to break into real news.

Most of the appeal of this movie is sight gags.  One of my favorites is when God is guessing how many fingers he has behind his back.  They show Carrey's hand as he quickly goes through several choices while God (Morgan Freeman) guesses them instantly, "Three.  Two.  Five.  One.  Three.  Zero."   Finally God says, "Seven." and Carrey holds up one hand, which suddenly has seven fingers on it.  As usual these days, the CG effect is seemless and looks great.

There are others, most shown in the previews.  He walks on water.  He strikes a pose and his clothes fall off.  He parts his soup in its bowl (like the Red Sea.)   A few others are peoples' prayers presented to Carrey as emails.  And he gets a bazillion of them.

Of course, one draw for me was Jennifer Anniston looking really cute.  Not much skin, if I remember rightly.

There's a moral to the story, where Carrey tries to use his new powers for his own gain.  Both to advance himself at work, and with his girlfriend.  That backfires in various ways.

I enjoyed parts of this movie, but truthfully, I don't even remember the wrap-up.   It really didn't have much of an impact on me.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Rental.  Cute, but mostly predictible.  Not bad, but didn't live up to the potential hinted at in the previews.

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