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Die Another Day

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Caught it on cable late one night.

The movie started with its signature finish to the previous mission.  Only in this one, he gets caught.


In a lot of other ways this wasn't a Bond.  In addition to getting him caught, some of the fights were a lot grittier than is normal for a Bond picture.  More scratches, more sweat.  Just nowhere near as sterile as is usual.  I guess this was not the first one where he's had to "go rogue."

Other parts of it were standard Bond.  Hot womenz, of course.  A bikini-clad Halley Barry in particular.  Yummy.  The other chick was pretty hot, too.

They had the stock super-meglomaniac multi-billionaire who people seemed to know surprisingly little about.  Some of the backstory is that he built his empire over quite a long time.  Yet everyone acts as though he just showed up a year ago.  They had a space-based super-weapon and the standard strangely exotic location, an ice palace.

I had forgotten that John Cleese is playing Q, now.  He does well, but he's really too big a personality for that part.  His part feels really short-changed.  It's not a case of leaving the viewer wanting more.  The part is just too small.

They have some fun silly Bond toys.  His car now has a Predator-like camouflage capability.  Plus the usual weapons.  And some stuff that they really couldn't have planned for, like a way for the car to right itself when it was sliding upside down.

The finale was predictibly silly.  During the final confrontation in a plane, I guess flying on the edge of the super-weapon, falling apart while it's flying.  And they manage to contrive a way for them to escape.  *heavy sigh*

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Pay Per View.  In some ways, too realistic for a Bond film.

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