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Double Whammy

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Got this on a Blockbuster trip with Christy and Bruce.  I got it mostly for Dennis Leary.  But this really isn't a Dennis Leary vehicle.

This movie had a bit of a problem deciding if it wanted to be a cop movie with a lot of humor or a comical farce.  Or, a comedy love story in a police story framework.

Dennis Leary plays a cop who stumbles on someone going postal at a fast food place and slips on the floor and is knocked unconscious.  A kid picks his gun up and shoots the bad guy.  So Leary has to deal with people giving him a hard time occasionally during the movie.  But that's not played up as big comedy.  It's in the paper, and his fellow cops look down on him, but I don't remember any practical jokes or anything.

He hurts his back during the encounter and goes to a chiropractor, Elizabeth Hurley.   They're attracted to each other and start dating.  I vaguely remember there's some comedy in their clumsy courting.

A seemingly nice kid in Leary's building hires thugs to murder her father.  I didn't really get the kid's motivation.  That part had no comedy in it.  But the thugs were clumsy and stupid and some of that was played up as nearly slapstick.

And then, totally out of place, in the building are two screenwriters trying to come up with a script.  They occasionally bug Leary for advice on superficial procedure.   This was played up as two semi-loony guys coming up with all kinds of outrageous ideas for their script.

I guess they were trying to weave together several loosly-connected stories, but they didn't mesh.  Some were comedy and some were kinda depressing.  It all came across as clumsy and contrived.  A forced fit.  And the gimmick to get out of the fight at the end was so random it was just silly.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Pay Per View.  I have no idea where they came up with the title.  Okay romantic comedy.   Maybe a little contrived, and a bit of an identity crisis.

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