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Friday Night Lights

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Saw this on On Demand with my mom, grandma, great-aunt Dee, uncle Ken and his friend Gary.  I wanted to see it in the theatre, but never made it.  Tammy tells me this is one of her favorite movies, along with Miracle.

You can't tell from the previews, but this movie is sort of a mixture of On Any Given Sunday, Varsity Blues and a little bit of Rudy.  Near the beginning there's a party scene that reminded me of the party in On Any Given Sunday.  But like Varsity Blues, the kids are treated like rock stars and way hot women are throwing themselves at the guys.  (Ken and Gary said they don't remember football being like that when they played.)  And they have the star player who's injured and his confrontation with the doctors about coming back.

It's quite a bit darker than Varsity Blues.  A bit less predictible.  They portray the pressure much more realistically.

For example, during the opening credits they show the quarterback's mother quizing him on the playbook.  Some of the townspeople constantly pester  the coach with advice.  And with implied ultimatums against the coach if the team doesn't do well.

Somehow, the story seemed a bit superficial.  They didn't really go into anyone's life.

The final game was very well done.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Pay Per View.  This movie is based on real events.  I don't know how close it is to reality, but I think I recognize some of the names.

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