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Caught this on cable one morning when I couldn't sleep. I vaguely remember the commercials and thinking it might be fun. And I generally like Will Smith's style.

The title character, Hitchens, has set himself up as a relationship consultant. He works strictly through word-of-mouth. And early on they show that he has morals. He's not interested in helping anyone who's just trying to get laid.

He's contacted by Kevin James, who is, I suppose, cute in a portly sort of way. Definitely a funny guy. I enjoy watching him on King of Queens.

The love interest for the bumbling Kevin is played by Amber Valetta. She's pretty, albeit slightly too skinny. She's one of those who looks like she's gone below a healthy weight for her body. Not by a lot, in her case. But I think she'd look better if she allowed herself to add just a few pounds.

The love interest for Smith is Eva Mendes, who's looking hot in this movie. She's a slim woman who makes it look healthy. Possibly her skin color helps convey that impression.

Mendes plays a gossip columnist. She hears about a "relationship doctor" and when her close friend is screwed over by an asshole guy. Mendes jumps to the conclusion that Hitch is just a player who helps other guys play women.

And hilarity ensues.

This story is fairly predictable. Smith is ultra-smooth and ultra-confident. James is a klutz amd dances like a fool (but doesn't realize it.) Smith's advice gives James the confidence to approach Amber, albeit it doesn't work precisely as planned.

In parallel, Smith is wooing Mendes. He comes up with some very creative ways to impress her on their dates. All this prior to her finding out that he's the Relationship Doctor and vilifying him.

I don't think it's going to be a huge spoiler to say that everything works out in the end.

On Mighty's Baby Brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Pay Per View. It's cute. It's fluff. Don't go out of your way to see it, but also don't feel too guilty if you flip to it and leave it on.

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