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Rented this with Tammy.

They kept you wondering in this movie.  Not so much about the plot, as it was guessing which genre the movie will end up falling into.  The previews show rain, darkness, everyone has the same birthday.  That implied fantasy horror to me, right away.  But at the beginning of the movie they're talking to a serial killer.   Which leads you to think it's really a thriller.  One thing it's definitely not is a quirky Cusack vehicle.

The previews showed the hint of a horror movie, but you pretty much forget that early on.  It plays for a long time as a pretty straight thriller.  The opening clips about whether a serial killer is mentally competent.  McGinley comes into the hotel covered in blood and carrying a woman.  They back up a little and show how that happened, and McGinley is innocent.  (McGinley as a wimp was an interesting choice.   I don't know that I've seen him play that before.)  More people show up, and then they start getting killed.

As a whodunit, they kept you guessing there, too.  Ray Liota seemed most likely to me, but several times they implicated someone else, which made me wonder.

Most of the killings are straightforward but some are a little bizarre.  Like the baseball bat.  I don't remember any really gross ones.

I thought both of the endings were a bit of a cop-out.  They felt generally unsatisfying.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Pay Per View. I guess you could call this a thriller almost worthy of Cusack.

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