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My first Netflix movie.  Someday I need to write a page on it.  The service works.  Since it's completely flat-rate it makes adding movies to your list feel "free."  That makes it perfect for those movies that you never got around to seeing in the theatre, and you never seem to catch the beginning of on cable. I wonder how long until wired on-demand takes away their niche.

Saw this with Tammy.  She stayed awake for this one :-)

Another Denzel Washington vehicle.  His character is a blue collar worker hit by the bad economy.  His insurance got cut, and his son needs a heart transplant.   So he takes some people in a hospital hostage to try to force them to do the operation for free.

And that's pretty much it.

There are some stereotypical characters.  The experienced negotiator who isn't respected (seems Duvall is getting that role a lot, lately.)  The camera-obsessed mayor always trying to butt in, but ends up fouling things up.  The obviously-abusive boyfriend.  Anne Heche plays the bottom-line hospital administrator.  James Woods is the giant-ego doctor.

I wanted to like the movie.  None of the performances were really bad.  The story was certainly better than Desparate Measures, which it sort of follows.  It was sort of a cross between that and Mad City.

The movie did use a couple of cheap devices.  First, there was the blood gas monitor, with a fixed number that was automagically fatal.  Then you had the "are they gonna make it in time" that they dragged on forever at the end.   I think I could have lived without either of those.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Pay Per View with Popcorn and Drinks.   Sorta similar to that Travolta movie.  Mostly pretty good, albeit some of the characters were pretty superficial.

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