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My second Netflix movie.  This one I saw by myself.  The disk was noticably scratched, but only a bunch of light scratches.  Luckily, it played.  All except for one glitch that my player couldn't handle.  But I was able to skip over it after a coupla tries and only missed a few seconds of the movie.

I had heard from other people that this movie was the same style as Snatch.  Though, they also said, it was a lot harder to keep track of who knew who in this movie.  There were a couple of groups of people who were similar enough that I kept getting them mixed up.

In this movie, there are some incompetent marijuana dealers who have piles of cash.   And everybody wants it.

Like the other movie, there are some complete morons.  There are some kingpins.   Some really tough guys.  Some reasonably intelligent people, but they're surrounded by the morons.

Even more so than Snatch, there's a lot of exposition in this movie.  But unlike Snatch, they didn't use voiceovers and flashbacks to break things up.  It was a lot more just sitting around while someone explained something.

Despite that, the movie didn't drag.

Hmm, what else can I say without giving anything away?

They have kind of a running gag with guns the entire movie.  All kinds, from worthless air rifles to a BAR, if I remember rightly.

They use some of the same actors in both movies.  Though, most of them play very different roles.  Flattop in Snatch is a bar owner in this one, and tangential to the main action.  The main character in Snatch is close to the main character in this one.  He was fairly central, but didn't stand out like he did in Snatch.

This "review" was much more a comparison of the two movies.  Which isn't really fair to it.  Someday I need to come back and do a real review.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Matinee with Popcorn and Drinks.  I liked this every bit as much as Snatch. And the ending is priceless.

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