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Lost in Translation

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Netflix movie I watched with my mom and grandma.

I had heard that it was good, but slow.  And I suppose it is slow.  Though, it doesn't really drag.

They have a few montage-type scenes.  Things like Scarlett Johansen (the chick from Horse Whisperer, still pretty cute) walking through Tokyo.  Bill Murray swimming near some heavy old women doing exercises in the pool.  Bill adlibing with a Japanese woman in a waiting area, and they can't really understand each other.

The story seems to be basically about one person who's been married for decades and away from home befriending another person who's only been married a coupla years who's on her own while her husband is on a side trip for work.  They're intelligent, but both kind of lost.  Boredom is part of it.  Loneliness.  Jet lagged, so they can't sleep.

In the extra stuff the actors discuss how it's really a romance.  The opportunity for consumation is there; the possibility.  It's a relationship with a lot of early emotional intimacy and shared understanding.  A case where a young girl and an old guy actually do have a lot in common.  Who knows what would have happened if they'd spent more time together.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Rental with Dinner.  Interesting character interaction.  But I'm not sure I see it as Oscar material.  I think I'm missing a lot.

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