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Men in Black II

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The movie had some pretty special effects.  But, as usual for me, I was constantly bugged by verisimilitude problems.

First off, over and over again, they completely ignored mass.  The main bad alien, played by Laura Flynn Boyle, repeatedly spit out tentacles that massed many times her weight.  Like, once, she took over the entire MIB headquarters all by herself.   Her tentacles just buried everything, tons and tons of stuff.  That happened a few times and really got on my nerves.

The dog, which was a cute gag in the first movie, was stretched out way beyond what it could handle.  They didn't really flesh out the character very much.  He basically just jabbers without saying much for a big part of the movie.

The worms worked a little better.  But again, a small comic relief gag just really can't survive a lot of screen time spread across several segments.  These guys had a bit more impact on the plot, but they were marginal characters.

The sidekick bad guy was annoying, as I remember.  Partly because they kinda screwed up the second head effect a little.  The real character was kinda jumpy, but the second head was rock-steady.  It moved too smoothly, not like a living thing.   And the lighting wasn't quite right.  Those jumped out at me pretty much the entire time he was on the screen.

Generally I like Will Smith's performances.  But I didn't like how in this movie his character appeared to be the only competent MIB.  I preferred his role in the first one, where he had an attitude and kept getting put in his place.

I also didn't really like the giant toilet scene.  It was so out of place that it bugged me.

And on and on and on.  I thoroughly enjoyed the first movie.  So I was really hoping to like this one too.  But I kept getting annoyed at some contrived situation or gag that really wasn't necessary for the story.

It wasn't all bad.  It did have a few good gags.  I loved the "mail sorter" at the beginning.  And the chics were cute.  Especially Rosario.   But her performance was a little flat, sometimes.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Rental with Dinner.  Kinda fun, but didn't flow as well as the first.

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