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Netflix movie I watched alone.  I don't remember seeing any previews or commercials for it.  I chose it just because of John Cusack.  According to the blurb on the package, this is a very fictionalized account of Hitler's abbreviated art career.

It's set not long after WW I.  Hitler and Max both served in the war.  Max was from the aristocracy, so he was an officer.  He lost an arm.  Hitler was an enlisted man.  (I vaguely remember that he ended up a corporal.  I could look it up, but I'm lazy.)

I'm trying to figure out what the theme of the movie was.  Part of it had to do with Max' losses, methinks.  Part had to do with Hitler's impatience.  And how Hitler inadvertently sabotaged his own dream career with his sideline career.

They got a good actor to play Hitler.  His vocal style did match the real Hitler pretty closely, especially seeing as it was in English and not the inherently-harsh German.

Was part of the theme about good men doing nothing?  That did play a part in the climax.  But I don't remember it running through the movie.  I guess it was also about despair and feelings of futility (plus just plain old bigotry) driving men to commit atrocious acts.

Some of the art dialogue in the movie was kinda interesting.  They portrayed Hitler as technically competent, but lacking vision and style.  And he was pretty bull-headed about not wanting to understand modern art.

OTOH, I didn't really understand the purpose of Max' performance art piece.  Maybe that was the intention.

Hmm.  It was interesting how Hitler employed vision and style to his political ideas.  I suppose that was part of the theme.  How, sometimes, one can't force vision into one part of one's life, but it's naturally there in another part.

I dunno.  The theme appears to have eluded me.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Pay Per View.

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