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Barb rented this.

I don't remember any previews for this movie.  I guess it came and went pretty quickly.  And part of the reason is it just wasn't really all that special.

It's one of those movies where the good guy cop is entangled with a hot woman who commits a crime.  He has to stay one step ahead of his colleagues in order to lead them astray and/or find the next step.

Denzel is the chief of police or sheriff in a small Florida town where not much usually happens and everyone knows all of the community gossip.  He's involved with a married woman who's in an abusive relationship, and she has cancer.  He gives her a bunch of money that had come from a drug bust to move away.  Then there's an apparent murder where it looks like she and the husband are killed in a fire.  As the movie goes along, you learn that Denzel has been conned.

One added complication is that the detective from the big city who's running the investigation into the murders is Denzel's hot ex-wife.  (Man, he gets the hot womenz.)

So he has to deal with things like, the feds are asking him to transfer the evidence money to them.  The phone records that show he's been talking to the woman a lot.   Tracking down the people who conned him.  Etc.

His only ally is the county coroner, who's a bit of a bumbler.  (Interestingly, it's the actor who play Phlox on the show Enterprise, where he's the ship's medical officer.)  He takes some heat off of Denzel a coupla times, and helps him a couple more.  Mostly, though, he's the comic relief.

Eventually, his ex-wife begins to strongly suspect that he's involved somehow.   Which of course, starts you wondering what she's going to do about it.

Most of the situations are fairly realistic, and I don't remember any huge verisimilitude breaks.  But somehow I was mildly annoyed for a lot of the movie.   I guess I just have decided long ago that being open with the truth almost always pays off.  He probably could have dealt with the fallout, methinks.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Pay Per View with Popcorn and Drinks.  A Denzel vehicle.  Balanced right on the edge of verisimilitude.

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