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Secondhand Lions

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Barb rented this.

I remember wanting to see this from the previews.  Robert Duvall is pretty good at picking his parts.  And there were a coupla bits that made it look like fun.

Set in the 60's, I think, Kira Sedgewick plays a flighty mother.  The kid is the same one from Forrest Gump and The Sixth Sense, though noticably older.  Duvall plays the woman's uncle, I think, and Michael Caine plays his lifelong friend.

In a way, this was similar to Big Fish.  The two uncles told of great adventures through their life.  Life in the Foreign Legion, rescuing the daughter of a sultan, etc.  I forget what else.  By this point in their life, though, a big part of a day's entertainment consists of sitting on their porch and shooting past salesman as they drive up.  They don't really want to watch the kid, and they pretend to be really mean and try to intimidate the kid.  But eventually, they start to grow on each other.

Unlike Big Fish, I don't think you get any clues that there are grains of truth for their stories until very near the end of the movie.

At one point, for some reason they decide to humor a salesman, and they end up buying a giraffe.  Except that a lion is delivered, instead.  An old lion who's not useful to the circus, anymore.  Thus, the name of the movie.

Eventually, the kid learns to appreciate the old men.

And then the mother comes back with her latest boyfriend.  Predictably, he turns out to be a jerk.  And that leads to a big confrontation.

This was a movie that had some sweet bits.  But it was also a little disjointed.   I think it had a coupla different themes it was playing with.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Pay Per View with Popcorn and Drinks.   Sort of like Big Fish, with bigger-than-life tales.  The journey wasn't as convincing, though.

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