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Shawshank Redemption

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Another Netflix movie.  I saw it with my mom and grandma.

I'd read the story several years ago.  I'm not much of a Stephen King fan, but this one was okay.  They stuck fairly close to the story.

One big change right off the bat was using Tim Robbins as the banker.  From what I remember of the story, he was a dumpy little guy, very unassuming.  Tim Robbins is something like 6'5", so he kind of stands out.

Another change is that I remember the story being told far more from Morgan Freeman's point of view.  He was the narrator.  The movie had him narrating some, but pretty much just at the beginning and the end, if I remember rightly.  The movie was pretty much a straight narrative.

They cut a couple of little plants from the story.  One was how the banker always seemed to kick up dust while he walked around the yard.  And another was when he got a roommate for a few months who complained of a draft.

I remembered the beer incident, where he got in good with the guards.  And I eventually remembered how he got roped into working directly for the warden.  Maybe bits of the guy who got out, the library, the kid who he helped later.  They stuck very close to the story.  Though, I seem to remember the story had portions that were out of sequence.

I think they added a final Hollyweird ending that wasn't in the book, though.  I think the book left with Freeman saying what he intended to do, rather than showing it.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Rental with Dinner.  Followed the story pretty closely.  Some interesting choices.

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