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After watching an FC Dallas game, when we got back to Bruce' house, he fired up this movie.  Scoo couldn't stay long to watch much, but I hung to finish watching.

To watch this movie you have to be in the mood for silly humor.

The setting is that a state highway police station is not producing many arrests, and the governor is talking about shutting them down.  They're essentially competing with a nearby city police department over a section of highway.

The movie starts right off with adolescent humor.  Some kids smoking pot get pulled over.  They get one kid to eat the pot, along with several hits of something else, I forget what.  There's a lot of, "Be cool!  Be cool!" as the cops walk up.  I don't even remember the rest of the encounter.  I think the cops pull them over immediately and use the exact same dialog as the first time.

Another time, the cop tries to say "meow" in place of "now" at least ten times.  A game the cops play to fight their boredom.  They also play practical jokes on each other.

One guy has a crush on the cute town cop girl.  The two chiefs have no respect for each other.

It's not quite as adolescent as, say, a Porky's.  But it's pretty silly.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Cable with Dinner.  Not bad, if you're in the mood for adolescent humor.

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