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Transporter 2

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First date with Doretta.  And the first movie I've seen in a theatre in four months.

I saw most of the first one.  I was only half-watching it, so I don't remember a lot.  Though the girl was hot.  And it seemed to hold together fairly well.

This one starts out okay.  An opening fight scene where he beats up some carjackers.  It goes pretty much as you expect.

This time his gig is to drive the child of an important person to and from school.   He has a good rapport with the kid.  Serendipitously, he has to take the kid for a checkup at the doctor, where the bad guys are waiting.

A big part of this movie was using props lying around for clever fight scenes and wild escapes.  In the doctor's office he spots some discrepancies, challenges the doctor or receptionist, and all hell breaks loose.  Shootings, over-large grenade explosions, sprinkler system set off.  They climb through the vents between rooms to get away.  Use a door as a shield.

They end up kidnapping the kid.  And then it gets really silly.

One stunt was particularly egregious.  He spotted a bomb on the bottom of his car (a silly contrivance on its own.)  To get it off he tears around the dock area until he finds a jump.  The car goes up, rolls just right so that a hook on a crane knocks the bomb off.

Can you get more contrived?

And it goes on and on like that.  For example,  they have one fight scene that goes on forever.  A stream of bad guys come in a couple at a time.   And he uses a firehose in fifteen different ways to take them all out.

Even the main plot device is Hollyweird silliness.  A virus with an antidote.   *rolls eyes* Great.

The final fight scene is just ridiculous.

The guy can fight.  But he really needs a better story to hold them.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Pay Per View.  Basically, and incredibly contrived story that acted as an excuse for fight scenes.

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