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Mighty's Thought for the Day:

When I page through my high school yearbook (Theme: "Goobers on Parade"), I
say to myself: Did we really look like that?  How come nobody _told_ us?  Ho
come, in Boys' Health Class, instead of Mr. Beatty's spending an hour
explaining how we could get mononucleosis from slow dancing--mononucleosis
was a major fad back then--he didn't just come right out and say:  "Boys,
you're never going to get anywhere _near_ the opposite sex until you stop
smearing your hair with what appears to be moose mucus."
                                  - Dave Barry

Current Projects:
Web development for Joe Christensen, Inc.

Previous shipped projects:
Ripmax RC Simulator
Fighter Squadron: Screamin' Demons Over Europe
Micrografx Picture Publisher
The Robot Club: Mission Ooze
Qin: Tomb of the Middle Kingdom
Junkland Jam
National Museum of American Art
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

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