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For now, this is just a picture page from flying July 3 to July 8 in my dad's Great Lakes Trainer biplane.

PlaneInHangerMedium.jpg (47947 bytes)

FuelingMedium.jpg (78461 bytes)

FuelingLeftQuarterMedium.jpg (60852 bytes)

The plane in the hanger and getting fueled
MeInCockpitFarMedium.jpg (57605 bytes) Large image

MeInCockpitMedium.jpg (64455 bytes) Large image

MeOnWingMedium.jpg (71388 bytes) Large image

A few shots of me in and on the plane on the ground.

I actually sat in the front cockpit while we were in the air.

SelfShotMedium.jpg (71059 bytes) Large image A self-shot in the air
DadInCockpitMedium.jpg (40093 bytes) Large image

DadNoHandsMedium.jpg (45102 bytes) Large image

And two of my dad, one with no hands
GrandparentsHouseFarMedium.jpg (80331 bytes) Large image

GrandparentsHouseClose.jpg (60454 bytes)

The grandparent's house from the air
LStreet1Medium.jpg (125628 bytes)

LStreet2Medium.jpg (128704 bytes)

A couple of shots of my grandparent's old house.  You can't really see the house itself behind the trees.
ChristensenPrintingMedium.jpg (117977 bytes) Large image A picture of the family business.  I think it's the building to the right of the one with yellow walls.
DadsNeighborhoodFarMedium.jpg (70306 bytes) Large image My dad's neighborhood from a distance.  This area is in controlled airspace fairly close to the airport, so I only got a couple of tries.  It turns out I missed his house.
CapitolCloseupMedium.jpg (63129 bytes) A decent shot of the capitol building.  It was kind of hazy that day.
LittleLake1Medium.jpg (93359 bytes) Large image

LittleLake2Medium.jpg (83523 bytes) Large image

Nebraska has a bunch of teeny lakes, used to store water for irrigation.   These lakes are just big enough for boating.  Here are a couple of shots of one of them.
FrontCockpitToLeftMedium.jpg (80914 bytes) Large imageFrontCockpitToRightMedium.jpg (74133 bytes) Large image

FrontCockpitFloorMedium.jpg (64975 bytes)

Here are a couple of shots of the front cockpit, where I sat while we were flying.

When the plane is being flown solo, there's a cover that gets zipped into place.   Unfortunately, the fringe that it gets zipped to hangs down in front of a couple of the instruments.  It's pretty hard to read the altimeter and the engine info, even when craning your neck around.

The color is a bit off, because I set the camera to overexpose a little so that the instruments would show up in shadow.

The last one is the floor of the cockpit.  The two little pedals are heal brakes, and the rudder pedals are in front.  The heal brakes are incredibly awkward to use.

RearCockpitToLeftMedium.jpg (76662 bytes) Large image

RearCockpitToRightMedium.jpg (85401 bytes) Large image

RearCockpitCenterMedium.jpg (72240 bytes) Large image

RearCockpitFloorMedium.jpg (82479 bytes) Large image

RearCockpitElectricalMedium.jpg (83680 bytes) Large image

And here's the rear cockpit
SupersonicMedium.jpg (58306 bytes) Large image And of course the best part was flying in formation with an F-18 for a 4th of July show.  (No, it's not real.)

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