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Hockey - Decepticons - August-October 2000

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Manager: Jamie Goldstrich

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Sep 20 Wed 10:00 Exhibition vs Pond Scum Loss 7-0
Sep 27 Wed 10:00 Exhibition vs Loss 3-2
Oct 2 Mon 10:00 Puck Racers Loss 8-0
Oct 11 Wed 10:00 Fossil  
Oct 18 Wed 10:00 Longshots  
Oct 23 Mon 10:00 Puck Racers  
Nov 1 Wed 10:00 Fossil  

September 20 - Exhibition game vs Pond Scum - Loss 7-0

We had seven subs and they only had three, yet they kicked our asses.  I believe they got moved up to B league after our game

September 27 - Exhibition game - Loss 3-2

A nice close game.  Lots of fun

October 2 - Puck Racers - Loss 8-0

We had a few decent chances, but out defense sucked.  There was always at least one person open in the slot.

October 11

October 18

October 23

November 1

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Update 25/SEP/06: All external links on this page are defunct
Unfortunately, there's no official pages for the seasons at either Ice Bound nor Ice-O-Plex (20/SEP/00)
Decepticon mailing list at eGroups
Avalanche mailing list at eGroups
Eric Smith's Decepticon page
Commentary for previous seasons:
Nov-Dec '00 3-2? Decepticons The season of the Big Fight
Aug-Oct '00 4-2 Decepticons
May-July '00 6-0 Absolute Zero It was great watching the team improve
Jan-Feb '00 4-2 Sea Bass I gained a lot of confidence
Nov-Dec '99 2-3-1 Sea Bass My first season

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