July 4th 2006 1/1

July 4th 2006

Fireworks pics at Rosy's 2006

I meant to take a backlit shot, but forgot to turn the flash off

This one is backlit. Mildly interesting, after I cropped it

Kind of looks like an oriental character

One of many overlapping shots

Little guy with a pentagon around him

Standard red

Kind of a bulbous red

Buncha stuff overlapping

I kinda like the texture of these. Looks spiney

Nice color contrasts

Kind of a fuzzy texture

Very electric

Very full and thick

Interesting lavendar color

At first, I thought this was one where I'd opened the apeture. But it's F11, so that must be the actual color

Bursting out at you. A little camera motion, it appears

Just caught the end of this one

This is the closest I got to tubules this year

Almost looks B&W

I didn't get any complete ones of those that split off in all different directions

Nova burst

More interesting textures and colors

Dunno what to say about this one. Maybe I should have cut it

Pastels vs earth tones

One of the few that looked like it was coming from the ground

The lower one almost looks like an echo or other artifact of the bright one


Almost bananna yellow

Kind of a spray of stuff

Overlapping orange spike balls

These almost look like a seed that's been magnified 30x

Kinda good 3D effect, coming out of the screen

Cartoonish colors

Kinda dandelion looking

Looks like something sci-fi bursting out of the ground

A comet photographed against the starfield

Little comet

Not sure what this looks like, but it's kinda cool. Almost neon

Sorta arachnid looking

I like this one. I wish I could say I did this on purpose

Another one that looks overexposed. But it's the same shutter speed and f-stop as most of the others

Just a teeny little guy, in a big black sky

Is that a face looking to the right, with hair being blown back?

Off center burst

A fuzzy comet, headed away and turning?

Very interesting 3D wall effect

Reminds me of the little probe device in The Matrix

Dunno what to call it

Kinda random

The crisscrossing lines make an interesting pattern

Interesting combination. They almost don't look like they belong together

Two psychedelic caterpillars?

Looks hot

One above another

Deep, rich colors

One in another

And again

Candle wax?

Raining down

It almost looks like the green was added in a post effect. But it was taken as seen here

A sea anemone?

Five second exposure. Looks like some camera movement, also. This may have been where I was rapping on the tripod with little other motion

Tadpoles, sparklers and a shower

Kinda spidery or sea creature-ish

Blue spider

A combination of stuff

I got nuttin'

More interesting textures

Almost looks like a rocket launch that exploded


Coupla different textures

Looks like a red cousin of the previous one

Very defined white dot in the center of the orange one

Pretty standard

Not sure what that stuff is near the center

The red is very filled in

Chris' sister was in front of me on the balcony. I took a couple with her silhouetted in the fireworks

This the same as the previous one after gamma correction

Another filled-in red one

Another silhouette

And gamma correction

Very shaky


Swirling around

Very random

Bright and random

Crayon colors

I still like these blue tendrils

Kinda random collection

Deep red

The smoke partially obscured this bright white one

Very low stuff all squiggly


A volcano?

Pretty wild

Red glow on the horizon

They look like random directions

Low burst

Interesting textures

Dunno what to call it

More crayon colors

Spots of color

Very sparkly

Nearing the finale

I kinda like the string of beads look

Coming faster together

Stacking them up

Part of the conflagration on the ground

Still building

The big stack