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This was the first year I tried this.  I got a few good ones, but not nearly as many as in later years.

Click on the thumbnail for a medium-sized copy.  The large copies give much more detail.

At Rosy's, 2k

beruit.jpg (182000 bytes) Looks like Beirut
Large copy 569k
MultiLevel.jpg (124000 bytes) Multi-level blast
Large copy 217k
RedTubules.jpg (107000 bytes) Red tubules
Large copy 259k
squiggle.jpg (73000 bytes) Squiggles, when I moved the camera by accident
Large copy 281k
bluetips.jpg (120000 bytes) Blue-tipped blast
Large copy 301k
NuclearBlast.jpg (164000 bytes) Nuclear blast over Richardson
Large copy 530k
LineOfFire.jpg (108000 bytes) Line of fire
Large copy 143k
redring.jpg (142000 bytes) Red ring with green coming out each end
Large copy 359k
SimpleBlue.jpg (90000 bytes) Simple blue blast
Large copy 237k
SpiderSmoke.jpg (99000 bytes) Spidery smoke trails
Large copy 253k

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