Basic tips for free-for-all (FFA) deathmatch play:

The first four or five make the biggest difference.  We've seen several players become noticeably better all of a sudden when they switched to mouselook and learned not to be brave.  And even the best players get stomped if they don't know the level as well as their opponents.

To learn a level, start up regular Quake (not QW) and start a multiplayer game.   This will let you run around the level without anyone else.  Learn how to get to the goodies.  Learn where you can rocket-jump.  Also, in QW, get on a server and change to spectator mode (observe in the Gamespy menu.)  See what the best players are doing.  Also see what the worst players are doing and try not to do the same.

For more info on the console.

More advanced tips:

During teamplay:

1 v 1:

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