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Jerry Pournelle once pointed out that SETI@Home has a very slim chance of succes, but if it did succeed it would have a profound impact on mankind.

Update 29/SEP/02:  I'm writing my own email sig/HTML progress program.

Below is the progress of each of my currently-running systems.  The cumulative group total.

SETI@Home Progress


My current list of certificates.

SETIMightyGigger2500.jpg (35347 bytes)    SETIMightyGigger1000.jpg (36578 bytes)   Mighty Gigger 500 Certificate   MightyGiggerSeti250_small.jpg (1882 bytes)   MightyGiggerSeti_small.jpg (1838 bytes)

SETIMighty1000.jpg (35754 bytes)     SetiAtHome500Cert.jpg (33300 bytes)   SETIMighty250.jpg (34213 bytes)   SETIMighty100.jpg (41963 bytes)

MightyIGSeti.jpg (34444 bytes)    SETIMightyIG100.jpg (41682 bytes)

SETIMightyBed100.jpg (41907 bytes)

MightyP1Seti.jpg (42519 bytes)

MightyInertia2Seti.jpg (42719 bytes)

Utilities used:

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