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Keystone/Breckenridge, CO 22/FEB/01 - 25/FEB/01

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Keystone and Breckenridge

Me 184 cm, Bruce 173 cm, Greg his own straight skis, Rosy 190 cm?, Scott Warren 173 cm.

Keystonemap_trailmap_Small.jpg (18326 bytes) Keystonemap_nightskiing_Small.jpg (15860 bytes) BreckinridgeTrailmap_Small.jpg (25889 bytes)

Here's a picture of the condo

KeystoneCondo.jpg (73533 bytes) Hi res

Originally, Lynda was going to go and Bruce wasn't, but Lynda couldn't get off work and Bruce did.

Great conditions pretty much all weekend.  There was some snow the second day, but it wasn't all that bad.  It was a little cooler while it was clouded and the lighting conditions changed, but it was still great skiing.

I caught a cold the first day which really sapped my energy.  I was fine during the day but felt horrible in the evenings.  So I didn't do any night skiing this trip.  I hear the conditions were great then, too.

Scott Warren picked up right where he left off last year in Riudoso.  Apparently, it clicked sometime during night skiing on the first night.  He finally started to get his balance and rhythm and more confidence to maintain his speed.

scott2.jpg (24518 bytes) Hi res   ScottDown.jpg (51648 bytes) Hi res

We skied Keystone Friday and Sunday and Breckenridge on Saturday.  Bruce, Rosy and Scott skied at night on Friday.  We had planned to go skating Saturday night, but it was snowing hard enough that we figured the ice would probably be awful.

I think we would have gotten bored if we had stayed at Keystone the entire time.   None of us were in condition to take many blacks and we would have used up the blues by the end of three days.

Here's a panorama from Keystone's center peak.  Breckenridge is visible in the center images.

Pan1Small.jpg (5737 bytes) Pan2Small.jpg (6172 bytes) Pan3Small.jpg (5894 bytes) Pan4Small.jpg (5343 bytes) Pan5Small.jpg (5091 bytes) Pan6Small.jpg (5080 bytes) Pan7Small.jpg (6131 bytes)
Hi res Hi res Hi res Hi res Hi res Hi res Hi res

Most of my pictures were taken Saturday at Breckenridge.

Here are two sets of pictures from the same lift about an hour apart.  The snow was off and on all day.

Whiteout1.jpg (20366 bytes) Hi res   Whiteout2.jpg (13585 bytes) Hi res   Whiteout3.jpg (9161 bytes) Hi res

AfterWhiteout1.jpg (34398 bytes) Hi res   AfterWhiteout2.jpg (36375 bytes) Hi res   AfterWhiteout3.jpg (27437 bytes) Hi res

And as usual, we sprayed each other with snow

BruceSpray.jpg (49304 bytes) Hi res   GregSpray.jpg (34701 bytes) Hi res   RosySpray.jpg (59338 bytes) Hi res

Here're a couple of Rosy.

rosy1.jpg (32371 bytes) Hi res   RosyMoguls1.jpg (34964 bytes) Hi res   RosyMoguls2.jpg (47440 bytes) Hi res

Here's one where Rosy left his ski several feet uphill.

rosyski.jpg (19673 bytes) Hi res

We took my GPS unit to clock our speed.  It'll save your top speed, but it uses a running average.  That means that you have to maintain your top speed for at least 10 or 15 seconds before it catches up to your actual speed.  For example, I know I hit speeds close to 50 mph, but since I could only maintain that for a couple of seconds the GPS only registered 38.4 mph for me.  Bruce managed 59.7 mph, and we even recorded it with the camera.  We didn't record Rosy's GPS screen, but he managed 64.1 mph in a completely out-of-control run down a bumpy and very crowded run.

BruceGPS2.jpg (60153 bytes) Hi res

Here are a couple more of Bruce.

BruceMoguls.jpg (36007 bytes) Hi res   BruceDown.jpg (40755 bytes) Hi res

Oh, what else interesting happened this trip?

The mini-van we rented had a Magellan GPS system.  It was a little annoying.  On the way to Keystone it wanted to take us a circuitous route.  We had to ignore it for awhile until it recalculated the route.  Same thing on the way home.  Also, everytime we came to an intersection it would replace the moving map display with an iconic view of the turn/fork.  I found that distracting.  Also, I was surprised that Hertz hadn't put Keystone and other resorts into the preloaded destinations.

On Sunday we skied until 2:00, drove to Denver (very heavy traffic) and flew home in time to catch a 10:45 hockey game, which we won.

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