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Christy rented this.  I wanted to catch it in the theatres and missed it.  I seem to remember hearing bad reviews for it.

The DVD has some extras.  Instead of a standalone documentary they spread the commentary throughout the movie and you had to hit a button to view them.  I found that irritating.  I would much rather they had simply made it a making-of documentary.

From the documentaries I've seen in the past, the movie stuck pretty close to the real events.  The movie stuck pretty close how the White House staff saw those events unfold.  It didn't spend any time explaining the missile test or the wandering U2 over the arctic.

They showed tidbits of the military's lack of confidence in Kennedy.  That sure looked like a rough environment to work in.

I found the documentary material on McNamara interesting.  I always had a poor opinion of him because of how he forced the F-111 down the throats of the armed services, and how he handled the war in Vietnam.  Albeit all with the best intentions.   They made him out to be a super-genius.  The implication is that without him in his position this crisis probably would have turned out much worse.

One thing that really didn't come across to me was the "sequence of accidents" nature of the crisis.  They said it out loud near the end, but it felt tacked-on.  About the only way I can think to pull that off would be to sit down and enumerate all of the big events in one sitting.  Which would probably be a big slow chunk right at the climax, so that wouldn't work.

Similarly, I didn't really see the character development over the course of the movie.   Maybe because there were a few too many characters for me to keep track of.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Pay Per View. Maybe it would have hit a little harder if I knew the real people involved better.

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