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28 Days

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Christy and Bruce rented this.  Sandra Bullock plays an alcoholic who goes into treatment.

The movie starts with Sandra ruining her sister's wedding.  Then, they quickly get her into the treatment center.  Bullock tries to portray cynicism, but it was a little too obvious.

There, it gets formula.  They have a bunch of stereotypical characters.  The Angry One, The Young One, The Gay One, The Disinterested Nurse, etc.

The movie isn't entirely formula.  One twist that's probably obvious to people who have been through this was when the enabler boyfriend shows up.

They try to show some of the treatment process, but it comes across very abbreviated and disjointed.  Somehow, none of it really has any impact.  For example, at one point they have a supervised confrontation between Bullock and her sister.  This should have been a really big event in the movie, but it just fizzled.  I'm not sure I can really say why.

They end with her reentering her life.  And once again, it falls flat.  She has to resist her boyfriend, again.  But it comes across as simply, "There, she did it."

And that's basically the entire movie.  She hits a roadblock, and then she gets through it.  Then another one and another one.  Somehow, I had to keep forcing myself to keep watching.

Kind of a blah movie that should have had much more impact.  On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Pay Per View.

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