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3000 Miles to Graceland

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The idea of Kurt Russel as an Elvis impersonator and Kevin Costner as a really mean Elvis impersonator, who join up with others to rob a casino seemed like it might be a lot of fun.  Somehow, they didn't pull it off.

The whole Courtney Cox thing seemed really distracting to me.  Russel falling for her in a day, buddying up with her kid, and generally complicating everything just seemed out of character.  In addition, Russel seemed much too eager to forgive her for attempted double-crosses.  And I never did figure out for sure whether she and Costner were together.

They went super-slow-mo during the heist to stretch it out.  I'm typing this months later, but I remember liking that part fairly well.

Then they try to show some characterization, and it comes across fairly perfunctory.   They just didn't have time to flesh out those characters very much.

And then there's the long trip to launder the money, which felt pretty flat.  It just seemed to drag on forever and some of the characters kept flip-flopping in their allegiences.  For some reason, I was mostly annoyed through most of this.

The final sequence where the FBI tries to capture them felt very contrived.  They let Russel do whatever he wanted, they set themselves up to get shot, and basically just screwed up the entire assault.  It was a pretty serious verisimilitude break for me.

A little disorganized.  They planted some hints that they never cleared up.   On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Pay Per View with Popcorn and Drinks.

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