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Saw this over at Tammy's.

Superficially, this is similar to The General's Daughter.  Travolta is brought in to investigate a murder on a military base.  There, he has a woman who plays his unwilling colleague during the investigation.  They start digging and discover some unexpected secrets.

The differences are things like, in this movie he has a very tight deadline.  And if I remember rightly, in The General's Daughter Travolta is the straight arrow and in this one he's a wildcard.

This movie uses a technique similar to Courage Under Fire, where the pivotal event is told by different people and each version is pretty radically different.

And that makes this movie pretty hard to follow.  Unlike Courage Under Fire, the versions in this movie were so different that it was like trying to keep track of four or five movies at one time.  In order to understand what was going on you had to reconcile the various versions.  And there was nearly no way of keeping track of loyalties.  I was totally lost.  I pretty much gave up and watched it as a series of connected movies.  Just waiting for the final twist at the end.

For almost everyone in the movie you heard at least two versions of what they were really like.  "He's being investigated for taking bribes, but he'd never take one." vs "He never met a bribe he didn't like."  Which is true?

Who's covering up?  What's being covered up?  Do we even know who is who?

The acting was pretty good, I guess.  I think I'm actually willing to watch it again to see if I can make more sense of what's going on.  Because I'm not even sure if I figured out who the real bad guy(s) is/are.  If it's like I think it is then it was an awfully big and overly elaborate operation.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Pay Per View.  This movie is all about twists.  I'm gonna have to think about this some more.   If it's how I think it is then it stretches credulity.

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