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Tommorrow Never Dies VHS DVD

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Not much to say about this movie.  It was a Bond movie.  The women were hot, both the main characters and the throw-away roles.  The plot was contrived and topical.  Some fun gadgets, though as usual there were several horrendous technical gaffes used as plot devices.  Overall, an okay fluff movie.

In the opening sequence of the movie they used a cheezy device. The good guys launched a missile and then realized that there were a couple of nukes at the target, "...that might go off." Grr.

Similarly, I'm getting tired of seeing helicopter rotor blades being used as weapons.  For example, in Broken Arrow and Mission Impossible(?).  With the exception of maybe the Huey or a modern military helicopter, if a rotor blade hit a person it would likely rip the blade off of the hub.  This movie had the most egregious I've ever seen.  The helicopter was tilted forward at about a 70 degree angle 10 feet off the ground and was moving forward at walking speed.

I think the big problem with Bond movies lately is that the bad guys aren't very interesting anymore. Somehow you never learn enough about them to care what happens.  They're just cardboard bad guys with a coupla pithy lines.

High points:
Low points:
Helicopter as a weapon.
GPS gibberish.
Wasted opportunities:
Some history on the bad guy. The story starts almost as if this guy suddenly appeared as an evil person.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, rates Rental.

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