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A movie about meeting someone special, fitting that in with current relationships in your life, and then coming to terms with the fact that the new person had a life before they met you.

Ben Afflack is the lead, and Matt Damon has a bit part.  I forgot to check whether they wrote it.

The movie starts with Ben and his idiosyncratic partner signing comic books at a convention.  There, we meet a gay friend of theirs, plus the female interest.   The gay friend passes on an invitation from the girl to come to a bar to Ben and buddy.  Ben says, "It's not kind of bar."  It turns out it is that kind of bar, and that the girl is a lesbian.  Ben and girl become friends and then the girl decides she's not gay anymore.  Ben's buddy is concerned for his longtime friend, and he fears that the girl is going to ruin the comic book partnership that is poised to take off into a cartoon, so he digs up dirt on the girl's past.

So the movie touches lightly on two people who punch through appearances that they'd never become romantically involved.  It also touches lightly on how a new relationship changes the nature of the relationship between longtime friends.  But it doesn't really dwell on either of those stories.

Instead, the movie is about how a fairly mainstream man deals with learning that the girl of his life has had a very experimental sex life.  He reacts in a fairly typical insecure-young-male fashion, and then tries to "fix" the problem in a very superficial male manner.

The characters were all very diverse and interesting.  Overall, very good dialogue.  But the girl ends up with a couple of very talky scenes.  A bit too much exposition.  The characters fit into the story and the situations very smoothly.

Overall, a pretty good movie.  On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, rates Matinee.

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