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Nicholas Cage, an angel, falls in love with a human, Meg Ryan.

They show an interesting premise, that our world is permeated with guardian angels.   They call themselves Messengers.  They're nearly always looking over our shoulder, taking opportunities to soothe us, help us concentrate, and also act as the Grim Reaper and take us away when we die.  They all dress the same, they hear music when the sun rises and gather on the beach to listen to it.  They can't taste, smell, or really feel anything, though they can make themselves visible to humans if they want to.   It's a very subdued part for Cage after Face/Off.

Meg Ryan plays a very capable heart surgeon who apparently has begun to question her own ability.  They show her losing a patient during a routine procedure, a soul that Cage was sent to collect, and we learn that the pressure has apparently been building for awhile.  Cage appears to her a few times and it's during this portion of the movie that first Cage learns he can become human, and a little later Ryan does.

As Cage is courting Ryan the other angels notice what's going on and silently line the rails to watch them walk by.  That's one part of the movie that seems a bit forced.   The director wanted to show the other angels taking notice, but couldn't come up with a more creative or subtle way to show it.

There are a few good lines, like "You don't know what a pear tastes like?"   "I don't know what a pear tastes like to you."  And when someone tried to take a picture of Cage while he was visible, he showed up overexposed, as though he was a bright light source.

Not a bad movie.  On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, rates Rental with Dinner.

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