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Entrapment VHS DVD

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Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones (yummy!) play typical Hollyweird thieves.

Pretty much a plain vanilla Hollyweird movie.  The previews tell most of the story.  Connery is a master thief and Zeta-Jones seduces him into trusting her.   She's playing both sides.  A couple of mildly entertaining plot twists where he's trying to determine her loyalties and he frames her to force her hand.

The previews show snippets of the "training rig" they set up so she can learn to get past the laser alarms.  Really just an excuse to have a hot woman contort onscreen.  She almost gets naked in a coupla scenes, but they wimp out.   The entire first joint caper is silly.  They gained themselves all of ten seconds with all that contortion.  It would have been easier and more effective to just run up and grab it.  That probably would have given them more of a lead.

Immediately following, the buzzword plot device.  She's using the Y2K bug to steal money from some central banking nerve center.  But of course you have to break into the place to gain access to the magic terminal.  And they set up the break-in in less than 24 hours.  Connery's character tries to say they need three weeks, but they go ahead and blow that off for some reason.  In other words, mostly buzzword silliness.

And in the end they sorta get caught, yet sorta not, in a Hollyweird Happy Ending.

Bottom line, another very safe Hollyweird Big Star movie.  On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Rental.

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