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Denzel Washington plays a straight-arrow cop that cannot be easily possessed by a fallen angel.

Denzel witnesses an execution of a killer.  Immediately after that, he and his partner John Goodman are called in on some murders that match the MO of the just-executed killer.  Also, a song the killer was singing, and fragments of a conversation he had with the killer just before the execution start to turn up around the scene.

The previews showed us that the killer can jump from body to body.  We learn that he's been doing this for a long time.  Denzel is presented with some compelling evidence fairly early on, so the audience doesn't have to wait long for him to buy into the phenomenon.  He learns of an earlier cop who was framed, and starts seeing much the same setup beginning on himself.

In a small part, Embeth Davidtz provides some exposition to fill us in on the details that can't be shown during the 2nd act.  Like some of the history of these fallen angels and some of their limits.  She's reused to hide Denzel's kid later on.

Overall, the acting was pretty good.  The setting seemed okay.  I bought in to the whole quick-change possession thing.  But the ending seemed incredibly contrived.  Then they pulled out a silly twist to finish things off.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, this movie is a Cable.  The ending just came as a letdown at end of an okay movie.

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