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Galaxy Quest

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Saw this with my mom.  She got a real kick out of it.

Tim Allen doesn't always pick the best scripts.  They tend to be a little bit contrived.  Merely vehicles for Tim.  This one was right on the edge.

The movie is a satire based very loosely on the Star Trek actors.  They had one huge success and can't seem to get past that role.  They're stuck on the convention and product endorsement circuit.  They get along okay, but despise Tim Allen and are long burned out.  Alan Rickman plays the Leonard Nimoy character.  An accomplished stage actor always called upon to repeat the same tired phrase over and over.   Sigorney Weaver plays a dumb blonde, maybe patterned after a cross between Nichelle Nichols and Yoeman Rand.  Nichols is actually bright, but they never had a chance to build her character and had the same line over and over.  Weaver's character only gets to repeat what the computer says.

Then, real aliens come down and ask the crew for help.  They think the shows they've been watching are historical documents.  And they manage to build the ship exactly as described in the show.

The main aliens are a little annoying.  They gave them an odd speach affectation.   A very flat delivery.  They were also not too bright and incredibly gullible.   Watching the faun over the main characters got old pretty quickly.

The bad guy alien wasn't too bad.  Except a couple of times he was supposed to get angry and flair these ridges he had on his back.  The timing was always a bit off.

The other group was the convention geeks.  Very stereotyped.  The main geek does the bit where he asks a question about some incredibly trivial detail.  It turns out he was a plant that they use later in the movie.  They do have one good comedy bit with him.

One cute bit was a timing maze, similar to what you would see in Dark Forces.   They use the geeks to look up a walkthrough on the net that gets them through.

There are several cute bits through the movie.  A couple of contrived dilemmas.   A couple of convenient solutions.  It was generally fun.  On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Matinee.

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