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Not as good as I'd hoped, nor as bad as I feared.  Basically on par with most big budget releases the last couple of years.  Very safe.

The situation was a bit contrived.  Gere is released from prison to help track Willis.  They kept it from being a buddy movie by surrounding Gere with several characters to dilute the buddy factor.

Most of Willis' role is pretty minimalist.  He does wear a coupla disguises and does a good job playing different characters who in real life would be forgettable.  Exactly what the Jackal character would want. A coupla verisimilitude slips.

Some unbelievably accurate investigation turns up that he wants a weapon with high cyclic rate (even though it's not a gatling gun.  Also, I'm not sure that an assassin is interested in cyclic rate.)  And the standoff scene at the end was very contrived.

High points:
Decent plot twist at the end.
Low points:
Didn't really need the gay scene.
Wasted opportunities:
Basically, they should have taken some risks.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, rates Cable with Popcorn and Drinks.

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