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Kiss the Girls VHS DVD

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A mastermind-criminal/pervert thriller/mystery movie.  Someone is kidnapping young women.

Morgan Freeman plays a big-city cop whose niece is among those that go missing.  He heads down south to see what he can learn.  He's given a mixed reception, partly because he's black, partly because he's a yankee, and partly because the fact that his family is involved might affect his judgement.  Turns out, he's very good at his job.

Eventually, one women, Ashley Judd, gets away.  But the criminal introduces a drug to the women's food that has fatal cold-turkey withdrawal symptoms and is also an amnesiac.  She can only remember snippets or impressions of her incarceration.   Despite that, she imposes herself on the police to become a central figure in the investigation.

Over the course of the movie, we find that the perp is very intelligent, and knows the police' methodology.  He plants false clues to frame likely suspects.  He also toys with Morgan Freeman, playing on his concern for his niece.

Overall, not a bad thriller.  I don't remember any cheap scares.  The method to keep the perp's identity hidden was a bit heavy-handed.  A few times Morgan Freeman was a bit too quick to divine the truth.  The framed suspect made a later, similar twist seem a bit contrived.

I guess one indication of the quality of the mystery portion of the movie is that I had pretty much figured out who the bad guy was by halfway through the movie.  And I'm usually not very good at that.

On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, this movie is a Rental.  Not bad, but not all that compelling.

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