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Miss Congeniality

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Sandra Bullock looking cute in one of her cute movies.

The premise was fairly contrived.  The bad guy leaves a series of notes that Bullock's character figures out means something's going to happen at a national beauty pageant.  I don't remember them ever saying why they left the notes.

Anyway, so they decide to put Bullock's character into the pageant.  Instead of putting her and some other agents into menial positions, she gets put into the pageant itself.  They go through a bunch of gags where Michael Caine tries to turn her from crude to sophisticated.  One big problem with that entire sequence is that it was very difficult to make Sandra Bullock look crude to start with.  I mean, she's just so damned cute.  In a good way.

I'm not sure who this movie is aimed at.  It's very simplistic.  The characters are very one-dimensional caricatures.  The writers talk down to the audience and explain everything with the characters' dialogue.

There was also the feeling that there hadn't been much rehersal.  Several of the scenes didn't flow very well.  The actors often seemed to be searching for what to say or do.  They seemed stiff.

And of course, with a simple plot and stilted dialogue, the ending was pretty easy to see coming.

Despite all of that, it wasn't a horrible movie.  Just your standard Hollywierd fluff movie with a heavy dose of saccharin.  On my brother's Total Movie Value Scale, Pay Per View.

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